About the Arborist

I have spent over a decade studying trees and landscape management in various capacities. I studied Forestry at Virginia Tech and first discovered tree climbing as a profession while there. I pursued horticultural training from the US National Arboretum and Arnold Arboretum and then worked at the Trustees of Reservations for many years on the North Shore of Massachusetts.

From there, I joined a tree crew in Manhattan, New York City (yes, there are trees there). It was one of the most challenging and colorful endeavors of my life. I learned many techniques and met many people from all over the world. I became a Certified Arborist  while in NYC, but learning about tree care didn’t stop there. I continue to expand my knowledge as the science evolves and our environment changes. I started Spruced Up Tree and Shrub in 2014 so that I could have a fair, smart and safe work environment, and one that strives for quality before quantity. I now gladly work with people throughout the North Shore, helping them to manage and maintain their trees and shrubs.